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Penny Pepper

Penny Pepper writes a monthly column, 'Who Are the Disabled?', for Byline Times

Twenty-Seven Cardigans and Still Not Enough: A Torturous Style Journey

, 16 September 2022
Penny Pepper reflects on her relationship with fashion – and how punk took her into disability activism and feminism

Class War – One of Disabled People’s Many Battles

, 4 August 2022
Penny Pepper explains why class continues to be so oppressive for working-class disabled people

My NHS and how the Tories Broke It

, 5 July 2022
Penny Pepper reflects on how the Government dodges responsibility for the lack of resources available for our health service

Barriers, Ignorance... And More Barriers: The Every Day Experiences of Disabled People

, 29 April 2022
Society and politicians need to wake-up to the fact that disability is a normal part of the human condition that can impact us all, says Penny Pepper

From Nostalgic Disability Direct Action On Screen – To Rishi Sunak’s Cold Shoulder in the Spring Budget

, 6 April 2022
A new BBC film, 'Then Barbara Met Alan', looking at the beginnings of disability direct action, contrasts sharply with Rishi Sunak ignoring disabled people from his Spring Statement, says Penny Pepper

The Care Carnage

, 1 March 2022
As the Health and Care Bill returns to the House of Lords, Penny Pepper dissects why it will hit disabled people the hardest

A Disabled Person’s Liaisons with Politicians: A Love-Hate Affair

, 4 February 2022
Penny Pepper explores what a steady stream of inadequate disability ministers reveals about the sorts of people required to really improve disabled people's lives

The Highs and Lows of 2021: A Disabled Person’s Perspective

, 14 January 2022
Penny Pepper shares some of the enduring inequalities and the memorable breakthroughs which characterised the past year for disabled people

Recognise Disabled People’s Rights Instead of Turning them into Charity Cases

, 3 December 2021
Penny Pepper explains why well-meaning but pity-inducing fundraisers do not lead to structural change for marginalised people

Empty Shelves and Driver Shortages are Important – But So are the Disabled People Left Without Carers

, 26 October 2021
The effect on the lives of disabled people of care workers reluctant to come from abroad, and a shortfall of those joining the profession in the UK, is being unsurprisingly ignored, says Penny Pepper

The Rejection of Disabled Creativity – Enough Is Enough

, 27 September 2021
Penny Pepper explores the failure of the diversity and inclusion trope for disabled people with a variety of stories to tell

The Government’s New Disability Strategy is No Strategy At All

, 25 August 2021
Pepper offers her own suggestions for policies that would help remove barriers for disabled people

Travels on Another Path: Obstacles for a Disabled Explorer

, 4 August 2021
Penny Pepper shares her experiences of trips away and why, despite doing everything to mitigate it, the challenges of travel continue to reinforce disabled people’s second-class status

Liberty, Equality, Infirmity?

, 6 July 2021
As members of the House of Lords discuss lifting pandemic measures put in place to enable disabled peers to discharge their duties from home, Penny Pepper explains how archaic attitudes are still plain to see in society

Who the Hell are the Disabled?

, 26 February 2021
The impact of COVID-19 has made it starkly clear to those who live disability that it's the imposed barriers of social organisation that makes them disabled, explains Penny Pepper

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