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Paul Niland


Trump and Putin: Is Naftogaz the Big Prize?

, 29 September 2020
Paul Niland explores the evidence that, with the help of the US President, Ukrainian's state-owned oil and gas company could be an important asset in Russia's hybrid warfare

‘Sasha 3%’: Time is Up for Belarus’ Dictator – Revolution is Underway

, 10 August 2020
Paul Niland argues that the popular protests against President Lukashenko are the beginning of a popular revolution against injustice which could follow the model of Ukraine

How Johnson and Trump Transformed Their Countries From World Health Leaders into Coronavirus Disaster Cases

, 16 July 2020
Paul Niland explores how a sudden, wilful populist destruction of institutions dragged the two top-rated countries for global health emergencies to the bottom of the pile

The Coronavirus Crisis: Now is Exactly the Time for Global Comparisons

, 7 May 2020
Paul Niland finds a pattern in the international responses to COVID-19, with populists who ignore the evidence having fared worst.

The Coronavirus Crisis: The Crisis of Incompetence

, 19 March 2020
Paul Niland explores how the global Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the weakness of populist politics and unprincipled power.

To Align or Diverge? Why the Silence over this Brexit Question is Dangerous

, 27 February 2020
Paul Niland considers why the UK Government appears not to want to publicly discuss the UK's future relationship with EU – despite it being the biggest political change of our times.

Trump Impeachment: Separating Fact from Fiction in the Biden Burisma Affair

, 30 January 2020
With his expertise in Ukraine, Paul Niland dissects the disinformation about the Oil and Gas company and highlights the real corruption Trump ignores.

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