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Patrick Howse

Chris Mason’s Johnson Gaffe Risks Trashing the BBC’s Reputation

, 24 October 2022
Patrick Howse reveals how a false BBC News alert that 100 Conservative MPs were backing Boris Johnson's new leadership bid spread quickly around the world

‘Emily Maitlis is Right – the BBC should be Telling the Public the Truth when the Government is Lying’

, 30 August 2022
The Corporation does not know how to respond to the dangerous populism we find ourselves in, writes former BBC journalist Patrick Howse

Resting Place: Marking My Grandmother’s Grave Helped Me Find My European Identity

, 6 June 2022
Patrick Howse shares the story of three generations of his family – a tale of loss, discovery, conflict and plural identities

Laura Kuenssberg’s Time as BBC Political Editor has been a Catastrophic, Systemic Failure

, 30 March 2022
Thanks to managers at the BBC, the outgoing Kuenssberg repeated lies rather than challenging them, says former BBC journalist Patrick Howse

BBC Airtime Must Not be Squandered on Liars and Cranks

, 13 January 2022
Former BBC reporter Patrick Howse explains why comments this week by the corporation's head of editorial policy to a House of Lords committee are so concerning when it comes to the BBC's mission to 'inform, educate and entertain'

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