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Mic Wright

Behind Closed Doors: The Murdoch Soirée the Public Isn’t Party To

, 22 June 2022
Under Boris Johnson, the press baron is back in town like hacking never happened, says Mic Wright

Piers Morgan Unwatched: The Limits of Opportunism

, 9 May 2022
Mic Wright looks at the meteoric fall in ratings of the former tabloid editor and CNN presenter in his new collaboration with Rupert Murdoch

Evgeny Lebedev: The Ersatz Kremlin Critic

, 9 March 2022
Mic Wright looks at the cute and often contradictory statements on the Russian President made by the proprietor of the Evening Standard and Independent newspapers. Photo: Matt Crossick /Alamy

Operation Rebrand: Munira Mirza

, 4 February 2022
Framing the abandonment of a sinking ship as an act of laudable moral courage is the British media’s latest laughable act, says Mic Wright

The Media-Political Complex Consumes Another Prime Minister

, 17 January 2022
The incestuous relationship between politicians and the press now frames the very nature of British democracy, says Mic Wright

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