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Mic Wright

Behind Closed Doors: The Murdoch Soirée the Public Isn’t Party To

, 22 June 2022
Under Boris Johnson, the press baron is back in town like hacking never happened, says Mic Wright

Operation Rebrand: Munira Mirza

, 4 February 2022
Framing the abandonment of a sinking ship as an act of laudable moral courage is the British media’s latest laughable act, says Mic Wright

The Media-Political Complex Consumes Another Prime Minister

, 17 January 2022
The incestuous relationship between politicians and the press now frames the very nature of British democracy, says Mic Wright

All Change at the Mail: Political Machinations or Publishing Priorities?

, 18 November 2021
Mic Wright looks at the replacement of Geordie Greig as editor of the Daily Mail, and whether the shadow of Paul Dacre has blighted his successor

The Media’s Selective Policing of ‘Sleaze’

, 12 November 2021
Mic Wright explores the erratic approach of certain outlets to stories of corruption and wrongdoing

Mirror Ball Journalism and the Revolving Disco Dance Floor of British Politics

, 7 October 2021
Mic Wright argues that the private cosiness between political reporters and politicians doesn’t serve the interests of the public

The Cunning Deceit of Press and Politics in ‘the Prime Minister’s Plan’

, 14 September 2021
Mic Wright unpicks the modern shift towards personality politics and the media’s collusion in advancing this increasingly unaccountable mode of government

The ‘Crackdown’ on Middle-Class Drug Use is the Government’s Seasonal Shock-and-Scare Story

, 17 August 2021
Does Boris Johnson’s administration really want to introduce a policy which would see its friends in the dock or dinner parties raided?

Matt Hancock Sleeps with the Fishes...

, 6 August 2021
Mic Wright on Boris Johnson's obsession with The Godfather, and why director Francis Ford Coppola decried him for bringing “the beloved United Kingdom to ruin"

The ‘Red Wall’ Myth: How Pollsters Can Make Words Mean Anything

, 21 July 2021
Northern Powerhouse, Freedom Day, Levelling Up – Mic Wright dissects the US import of political buzzphrases to shape rather than sample public opinion

Brideshead Britain: Boris Johnson's Entourage of ‘Careless People’

, 15 July 2021
With the Government showing itself out of touch over anti-racism and football, Mic Wright looks at the gilded age Oxford culture around the current incumbent at Number 10

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