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Max Colbert

Hedge Fund Feudalism: Right to Roam Goes to War

, 20 January 2023
Max Colbert reports from Dartmoor where a Court Ruling has provoked a mass demonstration this weekend over the ancient right to camp in the National Park

Conservatives Accused of ‘Camouflage’ Campaign Tactics After Imitating Green Party Leaflets

, 13 January 2023
A number of Conservative candidates appear to have suddenly dropped the party’s blue branding, reports Max Colbert

EXCLUSIVE University Deal with Oil Giant Leads to Student Anger

, 23 December 2022
Exeter University announces new, five-year funding arrangement with Shell, as students urge campuses to divest from fossil fuel interests, reports Max Colbert

A Crisis of Leadership and the Shortening of the Ministerial Lifespan

, 30 November 2022
Max Colbert reports that 147 members of the Government have either resigned or been sacked this year alone — one every two days

EXCLUSIVE Turmoil at the Top: The Impact of Conservative Political Chaos on Housing

, 23 November 2022
As concerns mount about dire living conditions in Britain, Max Colbert reports that there have been five different housing ministers this year alone

The Lady is For U-Turning

, 20 October 2022
Max Colbert reflects on the political chaos and the string of U-turns during the Truss campaign and premiership

Is a Big Money Coalition Influencing Liz Truss’ Climate Change Policies?

, 13 October 2022
Max Colbert reports on the well-funded, well-connected groups seemingly determined to water-down Britain’s climate commitments

EXCLUSIVE £203 Million Financial Boost for COVID Contract Winners With Conservative Links

, 4 October 2022
Max Colbert digs into the latest accounts of firms that were awarded hundreds of millions in Government deals

EXCLUSIVE Contract-Winning Firm Owned by Tory Donor Sees Major Financial Boost

, 26 September 2022
Max Colbert reports on the millions gained by one of the Government’s PPE suppliers

EXCLUSIVE Military Spending on Recruitment Adverts Far Outstrips Teaching and Health

, 25 August 2022
A new investigation by the Byline Intelligence Team and The Citizens reveals the ongoing challenge, and expense, of recruiting personnel to the armed forces

The Wizard of Oz: How the Crosby Gang Captured Conservative Politics

, 24 August 2022
Max Colbert of The Citizens explores the decades-long influence of the notorious Australian political strategist

Boris Johnson’s Golden Goodbyes

, 25 July 2022
Byline Times and The Citizens explore the Conservative Party’s accelerated attempts to exploit the House of Lords

EXCLUSIVE How the Tentacles of Palantir Continue to Encircle the NHS

, 30 June 2022
Max Colbert explores the implications of the tech firm’s ever-expanding role in British healthcare

EXCLUSIVE Labour Members Left in Dark Over Data Breach

, 6 June 2022
Max Colbert reveals a lack of transparency from the party over a significant ransomware attack last year

EXCLUSIVE Male, Pale and Colonial: Russell Group Universities Dominated by Named Buildings Reflective of a Bygone Era

, 26 April 2022
Max Colbert investigates the backgrounds of those commemorated on leading university campuses

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