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Max Colbert

EXCLUSIVE University Deal with Oil Giant Leads to Student Anger

, 23 December 2022
Exeter University announces new, five-year funding arrangement with Shell, as students urge campuses to divest from fossil fuel interests, reports Max Colbert

EXCLUSIVE Turmoil at the Top: The Impact of Conservative Political Chaos on Housing

, 23 November 2022
As concerns mount about dire living conditions in Britain, Max Colbert reports that there have been five different housing ministers this year alone

EXCLUSIVE REVEALED: 52 Peers Sitting in House of Lords Hold Interests in Fossil Fuel Industry

, 7 November 2022
The finding raises questions about the UK's commitment to achieving net zero – with one MP telling Byline Times 'it’s akin to asking arsonists to legislate on robust fire safety legislation'

EXCLUSIVE REVEALED: Rishi Sunak Received £141,000 from Energy Interests this Year

, 28 October 2022
The Conservative Party remains indebted to big money interests in oil, gas and aviation

EXCLUSIVE £203 Million Financial Boost for COVID Contract Winners With Conservative Links

, 4 October 2022
Max Colbert digs into the latest accounts of firms that were awarded hundreds of millions in Government deals

EXCLUSIVE Contract-Winning Firm Owned by Tory Donor Sees Major Financial Boost

, 26 September 2022
Max Colbert reports on the millions gained by one of the Government’s PPE suppliers

EXCLUSIVE Military Spending on Recruitment Adverts Far Outstrips Teaching and Health

, 25 August 2022
A new investigation by the Byline Intelligence Team and The Citizens reveals the ongoing challenge, and expense, of recruiting personnel to the armed forces

EXCLUSIVE How the Tentacles of Palantir Continue to Encircle the NHS

, 30 June 2022
Max Colbert explores the implications of the tech firm’s ever-expanding role in British healthcare

EXCLUSIVE Labour Members Left in Dark Over Data Breach

, 6 June 2022
Max Colbert reveals a lack of transparency from the party over a significant ransomware attack last year

EXCLUSIVE Male, Pale and Colonial: Russell Group Universities Dominated by Named Buildings Reflective of a Bygone Era

, 26 April 2022
Max Colbert investigates the backgrounds of those commemorated on leading university campuses

EXCLUSIVE The Conservative Stable: How Horse Racing and Tory Politics are Interlinked

, 17 March 2022
As the jockeys put on their silks and the horses gallop at Cheltenham, a new report from the Byline Intelligence Team and The Citizens can reveal the numerous links between those in the industry and the Conservative Party

EXCLUSIVE Two-Thirds of Conservative Councillors and Chairs Accused of Islamophobia Remained in Party

, 16 February 2022
Max Colbert investigates the lack of action taken by the party into accusations of racism and Islamophobia

EXCLUSIVE 29 Members’ Clubs and Opaque Societies Have Donated £14 Million to the Conservatives Since 2010

, 3 February 2022
With the Conservatives considering a new leader, the Byline Intelligence Team and The Citizens inspect the party’s obscure sources of funding

EXCLUSIVE The Non-Disclosure Agreements Hiding University Partnerships with State-Backed Chinese Tech Firms

, 23 November 2021
Max Colbert explores how UK universities are bound to secrecy over their links to controversial Chinese companies

EXCLUSIVE Authoritarian Influence? 75% of Russell Group Universities Hold Agreements with State-Linked Chinese Tech Firms

, 18 November 2021
Are partnerships between the UK’s leading higher education institutions and Chinese companies suggestive of a new intellectual 'Belt and Road' strategy from Beijing? Max Colbert and The Citizens report

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