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Katherine Denkinson

EXCLUSIVE Save Our Statues: But Cut Down the Trees

, 17 March 2023
After 110 trees were felled overnight in Plymouth, Katherine Denkinson looks at the city's climate-change-sceptic head of Council and his links to the Tufton Street network of lobbyists

Who’s for Dinner? Andrew Bridgen and the Conspiracy Theorists

, 21 February 2023
Katherine Denkinson dips into the strange blend of pseudoscience, QAnon and GB News on the menu at a much-publicised Carlton Club dinner

EXCLUSIVE Mass Misinformation: The Catholic Charity and the Far-Right Activists

, 6 January 2023
An exclusive report in collaboration with the Citizens and funded by the European Fund for Investigative Journalism explores the links between a Catholic Nationalist group and the Italian far-right

Why Do Anti-Vaxxers Hate Drag Queens?

, 4 August 2022
Byline Times and The Citizens expose how the far-right has recruited anti-vaxxers to new, hateful causes

The ‘Big Power Off’ and the Importance of Fact-Checking

, 14 April 2022
Katherine Denkinson explores the genesis of the protest against rising fuel costs and the media’s unwitting part in promoting untruths

An Online Harm in Plain Sight: Social Media and Child Sexual Exploitation

, 7 April 2021
With attempts to access child sexual exploitation material exploding during Coronavirus lockdowns, Katherine Denkinson reports on how big tech companies are not doing enough to protect children

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