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Katherine Denkinson

‘Oakeshott, the Telegraph and Unscientific Anti-Lockdown Propaganda’

, 6 March 2023
Kate Denkinson looks at the background to Isabel Oakeshott’s Lockdown Files and the newspaper which Boris Johnson once claimed was his ‘real boss’  

Who’s for Dinner? Andrew Bridgen and the Conspiracy Theorists

, 21 February 2023
Katherine Denkinson dips into the strange blend of pseudoscience, QAnon and GB News on the menu at a much-publicised Carlton Club dinner

EXCLUSIVE Mass Misinformation: The Catholic Charity and the Far-Right Activists

, 6 January 2023
An exclusive report in collaboration with the Citizens and funded by the European Fund for Investigative Journalism explores the links between a Catholic Nationalist group and the Italian far-right

Why Do Anti-Vaxxers Hate Drag Queens?

, 4 August 2022
Byline Times and The Citizens expose how the far-right has recruited anti-vaxxers to new, hateful causes

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