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Josiah Mortimer

Activists ‘Brandalise’ London Underground Adverts to Shame Barclays Bank over Fossil Fuel Investments 

, 12 January 2023
Climate campaigners are taking to ‘adbusting’ to get their message across and target oil and gas funders, Josiah Mortimer reports

Senior Minister Accused of Trying to Dictate Which Reporter is Allowed to Interview Him as Press Freedom Groups Warn of Backsliding

, 12 January 2023
David TC Davies refused to be interviewed by a journalist who'd dug into allegations of climate change denialism and his equal rights stance

NHS Crisis: ‘Record Numbers’ of GPs Seeking Medical Help for Mental Health Issues

, 11 January 2023
GPs have faced a barrage of attacks in the press and briefings from government over the pandemic. It's taking its toll.

EXCLUSIVE Government Offers No Dedicated Cash for Councils to Warn People they will Need Voter ID in May Elections

, 10 January 2023
Councils could have to choose between hiring extra staff to implement the change or informing voters that their vote is at risk, Byline Times has learned

‘Daily Mail Tried to Shame Us for Backing Strikers – But Gave Us Free Publicity Instead’

, 10 January 2023
As union laws become more draconian, activists are getting innovative. It's giving right-wingers the jitters

EXCLUSIVE Conservatives Branded ‘Hypocrites’ Over Minimum Service Law Threat to Unions as Lords are No-Shows

, 9 January 2023
Many members of the Conservative Party's lords bench seem to be taking indefinite strike action, Byline Times analysis suggests

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