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Josiah Mortimer

We May Never Know How Many Voters are Turned Away for Lack of Photo ID

, 27 April 2023
Just 85,000 voters signed up for the Government's free photo ID – out of a potential two million. Now we may not find out the true scale of 'voter suppression', Josiah Mortimer reports

EXCLUSIVE Keir Starmer Now Opposes Scrapping Westminster’s Voting System for PR in Blow for Reformers

, 27 April 2023
His spokesman told Byline Times that the Labour Leader has a "long-standing view against PR"

Majority of Labour-Linked Trade Unions Now Back Electoral Reform After Shop Workers Call for PR

, 26 April 2023
Keir Starmer has refused to back changing the voting system – but calls to do so are becoming difficult to ignore, Josiah Mortimer reports

Desperate Last Push to Get Photo ID to Voters Ahead of Mandatory Roll-Out Next Week

, 25 April 2023
A last-minute rush is unlikely to be enough to prevent large numbers of people being effectively disenfranchised on 4 May, Josiah Mortimer reports

EXCLUSIVE More Than 1,000 Anti-Monarchy Campaigners Set to Disrupt King Charles' Coronation

, 20 April 2023
The ceremony is set to cost the public around £100m. With a quarter of voters backing abolition of the monarchy, will the opposition get a hearing? Josiah Mortimer reports

No 10 Rejects Calls to Delay Voter ID Plans Despite Tiny Uptake of Free ID

, 19 April 2023
And election experts have warned of battles at the ballot box if people are denied a vote, Josiah Mortimer reports

Hundreds of Police Stations Have Shut Under the Conservatives – at a Cost of Rising Crime

, 18 April 2023
Two thirds of police stations in England have closed since 2010. A new study digs into the dire consequences, Josiah Mortimer reports

Rishi Sunak Could Be in More Trouble as Maths Announcement May Have Broken Election Rules

, 17 April 2023
The guidance says ministers must take ‘care’ and avoid announcing decisions that could influence elections – such as England’s local elections in just two weeks

EXCLUSIVE MPs Urged to Ditch Ties to Parliamentary Lobby Group Run by ‘Climate Denialist’

, 13 April 2023
A controversial parliamentary group that successfully opposes fuel price rises and tough climate action is backed by a campaigner who denies that humans are causing climate change, Josiah Mortimer reveals

Government ‘Must Defy’ Developers’ Calls to Drop Vital Leasehold Overhauls

, 12 April 2023
Housing secretary Michael Gove is facing pressure to abandon popular plans to reform England and Wales' feudal leasehold system, Josiah Mortimer reports

EXCLUSIVE 'Cover up' Allegations as Most NHS Trusts Say No Staff Died of Covid on Their Watch

, 6 April 2023
EXCLUSIVE: "Conspiracy of silence" among NHS Trusts means most NHS employers recorded not a SINGLE Covid death among their workers during the first two waves

Why Teacher Walkouts Aren't Just About Pay

, 6 April 2023
A striking teacher talks to Josiah Mortimer about what the pay crisis looks like on the ground in a Cornish secondary school

EXCLUSIVE 'Voter Suppression': Huge Numbers Set to Lose Vote as Only 2.5% Of 'Missing Millions' Apply for Voter ID

, 5 April 2023
Just 50,000 out of an estimated two million voters without ID have applied for the new 'free' voter identification certificate ahead of England's local elections

EXCLUSIVE Disrupting Grand National is ‘Just the Start’, Says Animal Rebellion

, 4 April 2023
The direct action group plans to 'liberate' animals in slaughterhouses and farms over the summer – and halt horse-racing events, Josiah Mortimer reports

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