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Josiah Mortimer

EXCLUSIVE Government May Face Legal Challenge Over Voter ID in Elections Next Year

, 21 November 2022
A legal briefing by Good Law Project says that election groups will have to closely monitor who loses out when mandatory voter ID comes into force in just a matter of months

‘They Know Who I Am, They Know What I’m Doing’: Arrested Journalists Speak Out over New Policing Act

, 11 November 2022
Josiah Mortimer talks to Tom Bowles and Rich Felgate who were locked up for covering an environmental protest, and reports on more repressive legislation to come. 

Voter ID: ‘It’s Far Worse than Any US State’

, 7 November 2022
Josiah Mortimer reports on fresh voter suppression claims facing the Government – including the impact on young people – ahead of a rushed roll-out of mandatory voter ID for next May's local elections

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