Written by

Josiah Mortimer

Mandatory Voter ID: The Cost to Taxpayers – and Democracy

, 6 September 2021
The Government’s assessment of how much its proposals to make everyone show ID in order to vote at polling stations will cost represents its ‘staggeringly warped priorities’, according to campaigners

EXCLUSIVE ‘A Party Within A Party’: Calls for Investigation into European Research Group, Paid Quarter of a Million in Taxpayer Cash Since Brexit

, 23 August 2021
Byline Times reveals the membership and ministerial backing of the powerful group of ‘hard Brexit’ Conservative MPs

Mandatory Vote ID: Government Makes Astonishing Admission 3.5 Million Will Be Disenfranchised

, 19 July 2021
Josiah Mortimer of the Electoral Reform Society reveals the contradictions in the Government's plan to introduce Voter ID

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