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Josiah Mortimer

Secret Saudi Arms Sales Court Hearing

, 3 February 2023
Anti-arms trade campaigners say UK-made weapons are contributing to thousands of civilian deaths in the devastating Middle Eastern war

EXCLUSIVE New Report Blows Apart Dominic Raab’s ‘Bill of Rights’

, 1 February 2023
The Justice Secretary’s long and “dangerous” campaign to scrap the Human Rights Act was “pushed forward by parts of the media” smarting from privacy laws

Keir Starmer Faces Fresh Calls to Back Westminster Voting Overhaul

, 1 February 2023
The Labour Leader is being urged to keep his promises on reforming democracy, Josiah Mortimer reports

The Corruption League of Shame

, 31 January 2023
The stark drop in Britain's score is driven by an increased perception of corruption in public office from business executives and experts
Police watching Parliament

Calls for Government to Publish ‘Secret’ List of Ministers’ Interests After Boris Johnson BBC Scandal

, 30 January 2023
As the former PM continues to deny he sought financial advice from the BBC's now Chairman, guidance from his civil servant at the time has contradicted this, reports Josiah Mortimer

Strikers Could Face Prison Under New Protest Law, Say Legal Experts

, 27 January 2023
The Public Order Act – launched to clamp down on groups like Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil – could be used against trade unionists too

Anti-Strike Bill Gives Grant Shapps Extraordinary Power to Change Workers' Rights in the UK

, 26 January 2023
The Business Secretary will be able to set minimum service levels for six key sectors — and decide what workers are included in the new strike-busting definitions

EXCLUSIVE Tufton Street Fossil Fuel Backers Under the Spotlight

, 25 January 2023
The Good Law Project and MPs have fired off a complaint to the Charity Commission alleging major rule breaches by the Global Warming Policy Foundation

EXCLUSIVE Labour MPs Quit Parliamentary Lobbying Group Set Up to Slash Tax on Petrol as Ties to Big Polluters Emerge

, 24 January 2023
One Labour MP quit after a report by the APPG criticising the move to electric vehicles was backed by the Global Warming Policy Foundation – often described as the most high-profile climate 'sceptic' body in the UK

EXCLUSIVE Driver Lobbyist Group Targeting Sadiq Khan over Clean Air Plans is Funded by Road Haulage Industry

, 23 January 2023
FairFuel UK is leading the charge against the Labour mayor's expansion of the Ultra Low Emissions Zone - which will hit the most polluting vehicles including trucks and lorries

‘Greed is Good’: The Government is Quietly Rolling Out Dozens of Changes that could “Unleash the Next Financial Crash”

, 19 January 2023
The Conservatives are gearing up for a ‘Big Bang 2’ deregulation of the City. At what cost?

Ministers are Introducing a Form of ‘Pre-Crime’ so Protesters can be Arrested Before they Protest

, 17 January 2023
"It's out of science fiction. How are they going to guess who’s going to be disruptive?” one leading campaigner asked Byline Times

Activists ‘Brandalise’ London Underground Adverts to Shame Barclays Bank over Fossil Fuel Investments 

, 12 January 2023
Climate campaigners are taking to ‘adbusting’ to get their message across and target oil and gas funders, Josiah Mortimer reports

Senior Minister Accused of Trying to Dictate Which Reporter is Allowed to Interview Him as Press Freedom Groups Warn of Backsliding

, 12 January 2023
David TC Davies refused to be interviewed by a journalist who'd dug into allegations of climate change denialism and his equal rights stance

NHS Crisis: ‘Record Numbers’ of GPs Seeking Medical Help for Mental Health Issues

, 11 January 2023
GPs have faced a barrage of attacks in the press and briefings from government over the pandemic. It's taking its toll.

Voter ID: ‘It’s Far Worse than Any US State’

, 7 November 2022

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