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Ian Lucas

Ian Lucas was the Labour MP for Wrexham from 2001 to 2019 and a former member of Parliament's Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee

The Battle to be New Prime Minister Will be Fought and Won Online

, 13 July 2022
Ian Lucas explains how the Conservative Party leadership contenders will use the online space to drum up support – with a warning for the safety of our democracy

British Politics is Now Awash with Money and Social Media – Do We Care?

, 17 May 2022
Former Labour MP Ian Lucas explores how digital campaigning and Big Tech has driven a coach and horses through the UK’s historically robust electoral rules

I Spent Years Imploring the Conservatives to Investigate Russian Interference. They Didn’t Listen

, 11 March 2022
As a Labour MP investigating disinformation, Ian Lucas saw first-hand the Government’s attempts to duck the question of Russia

Why We Should be Worried About Boris Johnson’s Civil Service Promotion of Gisela Stuart

, 16 February 2022
Baroness Stuart’s crucial role in EU Referendum controversies should rule her out of a top position demanding impartiality and integrity, says former Labour MP Ian Lucas

The Online Arms Race Benefits the Conservatives at the Expense of Democracy

, 17 January 2022
Former Labour MP Ian Lucas explores how politics is being warped by online surveillance, data harvesting and ruthless social media campaigning – and why opposition parties need to take action to tackle this

The Populist Alliance: How Vote Leave Came to Rule British Politics

, 21 December 2021
Even despite the resignation of Lord David Frost, the hard Brexit project has been enshrined into Britain’s political institutions with far-reaching consequences, says former Labour MP Ian Lucas

The Vote Leave Regime Knows Our Election System Can Be Corrupted – So Won’t Do Anything to Change It

, 11 November 2021
Former Labour MP Ian Lucas – author of the forthcoming book Digital Gangsters – says Downing Street knows that British politics is broken but has a stake in preserving this

EXCLUSIVE Another Suppressed Report: Facebook and the Brexit Data Breach

, 1 February 2021
Former Labour MP and Digital Culture, Media and Sport Committee member Ian Lucas looks at diluted parliamentary oversight after two landmark reports on dirty data and dark money

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