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Graham Williamson

Postcards from the Red Wall: Victory Celebrations for a Nation at War with Itself

, 19 May 2020
Graham Williamson reports on how the COVID-19 phase of the culture wars in Middlesborough are an endless re-run of the 1940s

Postcards from the Red Wall: A Town with Contradictions

, 23 March 2020
Graham Williamson visits Doncaster, which voted to Leave the EU by 69% in 2016, and welcomed a Conservative MP to one of its constituencies in the 2019 General Election.

Postcards from the Red Wall: The Other Baker Street

, 6 March 2020
83% in one suburb of Middlesborough voted to Leave the EU. But Graham Williamson sees self-sufficiency and a new spirit despite stereotypes of 'Northern Towns'.

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