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Dimitris Dimitriadis

EXCLUSIVE Controversial Firm Linked to Rishi Sunak Among Those Allowed to Set ‘Global Anti-Corruption Agenda’ by World Economic Forum

, 25 May 2022
Dimitris Dimitriadis digs into the scandals linked to a number of firms participating in a flagship global anti-corruption initiative

EXCLUSIVE Cost of Living Crisis Driving People to Spurious Theories Spread by Online ‘Help’ Groups

, 11 May 2022
Dimitris Dimitriadis explores the desperate actions taken by some people, in an attempt to alleviate their financial woes

EXCLUSIVE ‘Racial Profiling’: Black People Disproportionately Targeted by Transport for London Fixed Penalty Notices

, 27 April 2022
As the Prime Minister continues to be investigated for COVID law-breaking, Dimitris Dimitriadis explores the penalties heavily issued to minority ethnic groups

EXCLUSIVE Sanctioned Russian Firms Allowed to Flaunt Human Rights, Anti-Corruption Credentials by UN

, 30 March 2022
Have Kremlin-backed companies used the international peace system to launder their reputations? Dimitris Dimitriadis explores

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