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David Oliver

NHS Hospitals Are Not ‘Scaremongering’ About a Winter Coronavirus Wave

, 21 December 2021
David Oliver makes a plea on behalf of his colleagues as they face a surge of admissions due to the spread of the omicron variant of COVID-19 this Christmas

A Dangerous Paradox: Tory MPs and their Media Allies Attack Chris Whitty for Simply Doing his Job

, 20 December 2021
The Chief Medical Officer’s role is to offer his expert opinion on the evolving pandemic – and yet he is under attack for doing just that, says David Oliver

Beware Scientifically Suspect COVID Grief Grifting

, 1 April 2021
David Oliver scrutinises a new campaign that ostensibly seeks to investigate whether COVID-19 deaths have been misattributed

The Hospital Bed Crisis Preceded COVID-19 – And Will Outlive It

, 23 December 2020
Acute NHS hospital consultant David Oliver considers how the Coronavirus pandemic has exposed structural healthcare problems caused by years of neglect and underfunding

Dispelling Disinformation: If COVID-19 Doesn’t Kill the Young and Fit, Why Can’t We Just Ignore It?

, 26 November 2020
NHS Consultant David Oliver dissects some of the dangerous and dismissive arguments pushed by lockdown sceptics and Covid-denialists

The Government’s Inept Pandemic Communications Read like a Manual for Failure

, 31 October 2020
Acute hospital consultant David Oliver considers how the Boris Johnson administration has constantly undermined its own plans to tackle COVID-19

Myths and Misinformation Undermine the NHS

, 1 October 2020
NHS consultant David Oliver punctures the dangerous fallacies surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic

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