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Chaminda Jayanetti

Energy Debt Soars to Record High as People Struggle with Pre-Payment Meters and Poverty

, 24 January 2023
The debt mountain according to the latest official figures is now a billion pounds higher than at the start of the pandemic, reports Chaminda Jayanetti

REVEALED: No Government Help with Rising Energy Bills for Hundreds of Thousands of Immigrants

, 1 December 2022
Households with ‘no recourse to public funds’ due to their immigration status will not be eligible for state help to alleviate rising costs

REVEALED: Councils Preparing for Multi-Million-Pound Budget Overspends as Crisis and Cuts Hit

, 23 November 2022
The cost of living crisis, more than a decade of cuts and the pandemic have left local authorities on the brink when it comes to key services

REVEALED: The Staggering Rises in Rent Shortfalls Caused by Housing Benefit Cuts

, 27 October 2022
With the cost of living crisis pushing up rents and Local Housing Allowance frozen since 2020, more and more of the poorest private tenants are struggling to make ends meet

EXCLUSIVE The ‘Syndemic’ of Poverty and Mental Health in Young People 

, 3 October 2022
A higher number of poorer children are being referred for mental health support in England, compared to young people who live in the richest areas, new analysis shows

On the Frontline of the Battle for Benefits

, 23 June 2022
Chaminda Jayanetti speaks to those affected by the Government's failing system of assessing support for some of the most vulnerable people in our society

How the Government Forces Disabled People into Poverty and Despair

, 3 February 2022
The Department for Work and Pensions uses private firms to deny assistance to vulnerable people, many of whom overturn the decision on appeal, reports Chaminda Jayanetti

Housing Benefit Freeze to Leave Low-Income Private Renters Out in the Cold

, 6 December 2021
The Government’s announcement comes as rents across the UK rise at their fastest rate since the financial crisis in 2008

EXCLUSIVE Sanctions Against Universal Credit Claimants Increase by 14,000 in Three Months

, 19 November 2021
The worrying increase in sanctions against people claiming Universal Credit comes against a backdrop of MPs earning millions through second jobs

EXCLUSIVE Mental Health Patients Stranded in Hospital After Rise in Delayed Discharges

, 8 November 2021
New data reveals that mental health bed occupancy rates are at worrying highs across the country, while waiting times for mental health patients before being discharged are rising

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