Written by

Adrian Goldberg

Adrian Goldberg is a journalist and the producer and editor of the Byline Times Podcast

English Football's Own Goal: A Game of Dodgy Money & Foreign Influence

, 28 July 2020
The beautiful game has become a way for foreign aggressors to gain leverage over British politics, writes Adrian Goldberg

‘A Major Global Scandal’: The Collapse of Wigan Athletic

, 6 July 2020
Adrian Goldberg reports the murky background as the Championship team goes into administration in the ‘casino culture’ of the modern game

‘Lazy, Slapdash, Badly Organised’: The Backbench Grumblings on Boris Johnson's Future Have Begun

, 1 July 2020
Adrian Goldberg speaks to Conservative insiders about how the Prime Minister is viewed by his own MPs and his chances of leading the party into the next General Election

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