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Adrian Goldberg

Adrian Goldberg is a journalist and the producer and editor of the Byline Times Podcast

EXCLUSIVE ‘We Were Told Those in Charge are Right So Don’t Question It’: Researcher who Quit Sweden Lifts the Lid on Its Controversial COVID-19 Response

, 24 December 2020
Speaking exclusively to Adrian Goldberg for the Byline Times Podcast, Professor Nele Brusselaers explains why the Coronavirus crisis has made her see a country known for its sophistication and liberalism in a stark new light

George Eustice’s Trumpian Dog-Whistle Will Only Embolden the Far-Right

, 7 December 2020
With the Government minister failing to condemn Millwall football fans’ booing of players taking the knee, Adrian Goldberg argues that this was no isolated incident

EXCLUSIVE ‘Retraumatising Survivors’: Is Scottish Football Marking its Own Homework over Historic Child Abuse?

, 19 November 2020
Adrian Goldberg reports on new concerns about the Independent Review into Sexual Abuse in Scottish Football

EXCLUSIVE Murdoch: ‘Thug and Bully is Terminal Trouble for Democracies’, Says Former Australian Prime Minister

, 12 November 2020
Speaking exclusively to the Byline Times Podcast, Kevin Rudd discusses his campaign to establish a Royal Commission into the need for media diversity in Australia

‘Like North Korea’: Sweden’s Coronavirus Critics Silenced

, 2 November 2020
Adrian Goldberg reports on how those opposing controversial Swedish Coronavirus policies are met with social disapproval and a media blackout

The Premier League’s Power Play Will Entrench Football’s Deep Inequalities

, 13 October 2020
Adrian Goldberg explains how big Premier League clubs have hatched a plan to ‘save’ lower league sides, while compounding their own dominance over the game

English Football's Own Goal: A Game of Dodgy Money & Foreign Influence

, 28 July 2020
The beautiful game has become a way for foreign aggressors to gain leverage over British politics, writes Adrian Goldberg

‘A Major Global Scandal’: The Collapse of Wigan Athletic

, 6 July 2020
Adrian Goldberg reports the murky background as the Championship team goes into administration in the ‘casino culture’ of the modern game

‘Lazy, Slapdash, Badly Organised’: The Backbench Grumblings on Boris Johnson's Future Have Begun

, 1 July 2020
Adrian Goldberg speaks to Conservative insiders about how the Prime Minister is viewed by his own MPs and his chances of leading the party into the next General Election

Behind the Red Wall: A Former BNP Councillor to Become Mayor of Stoke on Trent

, 29 June 2020
Adrian Goldberg reports on how a cross-party deal with the Conservatives has brought back the spectre of the hard-right to a divided town

The HSBC Loan Scandal Leaving Small Businesses On the Edge

, 23 June 2020
Adrian Goldberg speaks to business owners who say their attempts to secure a Bounce Back Loan from the bank during the Coronavirus crisis has only added to their problems

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