Hold the Front Page!

The First New British Newspaper of the 21st Century

Launching in the spring of 2019, a fact-based, accessible and hard-hitting news site recalling the heroic age of journalism and aimed at restoring trust and authority.


Unlike Charles Foster Kane in Orson Welles’ emblematic film about the newspaper business, we don’t intend to write a manifesto only to have it torn apart in the future. Our mission is to report hard stories and you, our readers, are ultimately our best editors. 


So many people are ‘no platformed’ every day,  objectivity requires us to fight both misrepresentation and under-representation in the media. But while we welcome dissenting opinions,  facts have to be agreed. We’ll tell it how it is and follow the story wherever it goes. 

The heroic age of advertising supported the heroic age of journalism


Be part of the Team! We are looking for freelancers to provide news, features, investigations and reportage so contact info@bylinetimes.com if you want to be part of our developing news room. 


The Byline Times will be funded through a mix of subscriptions, donations and advertising. If you’re an ethical high quality brand or service interested in our rates, contact sales@bylinetimes.com.

We Plan to be Supported by Ethical Advertising

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